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About JKHS Parent Network

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Mental Health JKHS Parent Network

What is the JKHS Parent Network and why does it exist?

John Kyrle High School has refused to engage around mental health. Since 100s of people requested they engage in the form of a public meeting, fo nearly 3 years the school has refused and stonewalled these people, refusing to meet. Academies are expected to engage with parents and community, led by their Headteachers and Chair of Trustees. This Group was setup to try to get engagement on Mental Health by the School, which the school has stonewalled.

The JKHS Parent Network is trying to bring about positive changes at John Kyrle High School, and wants to help them to do this, in order to make a truly positive impact for the future and current students who suffer, for whom life is not easy.

The JKHS Parent Network is a Facebook Group, which parents of pupils and students at John Kyrle High School & Sixth Form, ex-parents, ex-students and concerned members of the local community can join. Its purpose is to network these people together, to follow issues relating to the mental health and anxiety of pupils at JKHS.

As of 2021, John Kyrle High School has refused to meet to talk about ways it might be able to improve around mental health, choosing to deny parents and pupils a voice on this important subject. For years now, the school's headteacher and Chair of Trustees have continued to show no willing to engage. The school has since cut ties with this first Chair of Trustees, following an Independent Review of Governance, which has also resulted in the complete Trustee Board being removed and DfE approved oversight being moved in.

The triggers for the Independent Review were the school being exposed in an Employment Tribunal for the way they treated a teacher, orchestrating a sham sacking, driven in large part by the Headteacher's animus towards her and his discrimination. We will try to continue to request that the school does engage, and would welcome the school deciding to do so. It is hoped that DfE intervention may mean they could be inclined to instigate this engagement with parents, to begin to happen in 2021.

Many people seem concerned with the motivational "pep-talks" at the school that happen as a result of the school's leadership under Nigel Griffiths, and are worried by a seemingly relentless pursuit of league tables and results. Poorly chosen motivational techniques which can cause undue stress to many pupils, so it is important the school engages, but so far it has refused.

Feedback from parents has indicated that instilling feelings in their children of guilt they are never doing enough and fear of failure, in an attempt to get them to work harder has come at an upsetting price to them. A great many people have now come forward with their experiences and they all wish the school to engage to improve itself around many issues regarding student anxiety and mental health.

Many people seem to say that the approach of Nigel Griffiths and his Senior Staff, is a stark contrast and sad disservice to the many wonderful and caring subject teachers at the school who do a great job!

Nigel Griffiths as a non-teaching Head of John Kyrle High School, he was until recently a Lead Ofsted Inspector and National Leader of Education, however both of those relevant bodies dropped him from those roles.

People worry about disconnection in schools like John Kyrle, from the reality of how young minds work and just how susceptible they are to the unrelenting pressure that is put on them. The awful effect this can and does have is very real. Over 200 school children commit suicide in the UK each year, and a recent report said 1 in 4 fourteen year old girls self-harmed in the UK in that same year. Mental health issues can be exacerbated so easily, and parents wish to talk with the school.

People who have experience of mental health issues are in a unique position to help, whether they are parents, ex-pupils, or professionals. This group is all about asking the school to engage with these people, to listen and adapt, to take on board positive changes that can be made to benefit children who suffer from anxiety and worse.

On February 14th 2018, Nigel Griffiths asked for the opinions of the local community on what they teach and how they teach it, asking for feedback. When an Open Letter to John Kyrle High School raised issues and ideas as per his request, instead of engaging and replying, he instead from ever being read, seeming to lean on the newspaper to stop it being published by openly telling the paper there could be legal action if they published it.

When it was subsequently handed out and distributed through the town so that people could read it, the response to the Open Letter from the community showed overwhelming support, reflected soon afterwards by over 300 people (in just a few hours) signing, in pen and ink, a petition asking for a simple meeting with the school about mental health at JKHS. This meeting Nigel Griffiths has not accepted, nor has he shown any willingness to attend or engage either.

At every stage it has been made clear to the school and its headteacher Nigel Griffiths that all people want to do is to help the school so that it can better serve, help and support its students who suffer from extreme anxiety or worse.

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