Media and Reaction to John Kyrle Losing a Case About Their Awful Treatment of a Teacher Out of Nigel Griffiths' Animus

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A JKHS Teacher took action against John Kyrle High School over how she was treated there by Nigel Griffiths, David Boyd and members of the Senior Leadership Team and overseeing management.

The proceedings and sacking were found to be linked to Nigel Griffiths Animus towards her and his longstanding anti-union attitude.

You can read the 70-page Judge's Statement in PDF format here.

With parents and teachers either shocked, and/or not surprised, having their own experiences of Griffiths and Boyd, reaction has been fast and overwhelmingly damning.

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Local reaction by many has been one of shock and upset, with a great many people commenting on social media about their experiences of Nigel Griffiths and the school. One person setup an Online Petition, a Vote of No Confidence in The Headteacher, which you can follow and read by clicking here.

The Guardian Reported

The news is so worrying and damning, it has led to National News on November 10th 2020

BBC Website - Hereford & Worcester

"Ross-on-Wye teacher unfairly dismissed over grades"

Birmingham Mail (where the Employment Tribunal Court was based that held the Public Hearing)

"Judge M Emery slammed Nigel Griffiths for not turning up at the Birmingham hearing"

The Hereford Times Reported

On 12th November 2020 the Hereford Times wrote about what happened and the effect on the Teacher, with more insight into what went on:

On 7th November 2020 they published a first story, you can read that story here:

The Hereford Times said:

"Mrs Lucas argued that the reasons for her dismissal were 'sham reasons'."

"Mrs Lucas also argued that the school was motivated to dismiss her out of an 'animus towards her trade union activities.' These claims were also considered to be well founded and succeed."

"The tribunal found that all claims of discrimination arising from disability were well founded and succeed."

They quoted Denise's Letter to Parents, which you can read a breakdown of here.

The Ross Gazette

On 11th November 2020, the front page lead piece of The Ross Gazette read "School is blasted in sacking judgement".

Here is the same article on now their website:

The school has since made several front pages of The Ross Gazette, including about their £187,000 waste in attempting in vain to stop another school opening a Sixth Form. This involved a lost cause of the school legally taking on a Regional Schools Commissioner, even after the school in question followed process properly and was greatly furthering the prospects of its pupils. Read about this here.

Letters in The Ross Gazette

The following are just some of the letters published in the Ross Gazette with concerns:

December 30th 2020 letter below:

December 30th 2020 letter below:

January 6th 2021 letter below:

January 13th 2021 letter below:

Social Media is exploding with comments

The sheer volume of comments has arrived rapidly and the content is quite eye-opening:

It is impossible to list them all, but here are a few immediate reactions:

"Schools gone down hill massively. Well done to the teacher in question to take the issues further"

"This is such a sad and depressing story - what kind of messages does this kind of behaviour give to pupils?"

"Doesn't surprise me at all,,he fails to attend anything apart from a photo in the paper."

"Never could stand him when my son was at school there arrogant and should be removed being like that to another teacher is Disgusting just a bully"

"A megalomaniac - too big for his boots? JKHS has a great reputation and record of excellence in recent years. However, this is a reflection of the hard work put in by those 'at the chalk face' i.e. the teachers delivering their subjects to the children. They are the ones parents and students will appreciate. If Griffiths and his ( vastly overpaid ) senior leadership team team have achieved this by an oppressive regime towards their teaching staff, they should resign. Who could possibly have any professional respect for them now their methods have been exposed."

"How much money between the 2 of them im literally in shock" (in referral to Griffiths' £145,000 and Boyd's £100,000 - £110,000)

"It's absolutely disgusting to think that a headmaster would refer to himself this way." (to Nigel Griffiths' referring to himself with "FIGJAM" - F**k I'm Good, Just Ask Me)

"Yeah him and the deputy need the boot and anyone else involved."

"Obviously the wrong type of publicity for the man in question as usually he can’t wait to get his name and face in the paper! ... There are far better members of staff at that school who deserve the job roles of those pair!"

"The letter from the Chair of Governors is a joke, they are all covering their arses."

"Said it before, will say it again, our children deserve better, these two malignant, self serving, *********** need to go, now!"

"One very long standing governor left for the reasons the teacher have"

"Has anybody seen Joyce Thomas’ letter of resignation from the board of Governors?" (
you can read about that here)

"Totalitarianism!!! Sack them both"

"He only ever shows his face when its to impress outsiders that come to the school"

"i’ve only seen him about 3 times and that was when OFSTED was there so he was in the hallways smiling at students and waving"

"Have just read the synopsis of the Tribunal findings - hugely critical of the management style of the Head and Deputy Head. The letter from the chair of governors fails to admit that there is a culture of bullying and that anything is being done to address it !"

"Any staff members, governors who have been swept along with his principles and tactics and therefore being in his favour are not strong and powerful but weak, dishonest and looking out for their own interests."

"He rules with fear. My wife (a teacher) would race through the boys toilets to get outside to avoid meeting him if she saw him coming down the corridor! That’s fear."

...this is just a small section of local reaction.