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Disingenuous portrayal of John Kyrle as Outstanding by Headteacher?

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John Kyrle Ofsted rated Good NOT Outstanding

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Nigel Griffiths' adverts and communications about John Kyrle High School seem to always refer to Ofsted findings of "outstanding".

The truth is that John Kyrle High School is NOT rated outstanding and hasn't been for years. It has even seen a decline under Nigel Griffiths as the school was at one point rated "outstanding" and now is only rated "good".

So, what is the truth of the Ofsted Reports on John Kyrle High School?

Ofsted make two main kinds of report. These are a "full inspection" and a "short inspection".

The last inspection of John Kyrle was a Short Inspection, in March 2017 (here as PDF).

In the most recent Short Inspection, the word "outstanding" appears ZERO times.

A quick search for the word "outstanding" in this most recent Short Inspection yields ZERO results.

The basic conclusion of this Short Inspection: "This school continues to be GOOD".

No occurrences of the word "outstanding" whatsoever.

Prior to this, we have to go back all the way back to 2012, when the last Full Inspection took place

So, was this Ofsted Report graded as "Outstanding"?

No, it wasn't. The 2012 Full Inspection was only rated just plain GOOD.

Not just was it only "good", it opens by noting that the PREVIOUS inspection to it was outstanding, and hence the 2012 Inspection reflected a DROP in standards under Nigel Griffiths' management!

There seems to be no advertising or promotion of the under Nigel Griffiths that it's Ofsted rating is just "good".

Nigel Griffiths' selective referring to Ofsted comments seems to be disingenuous cherry picking of selected content, never referring to the overall much less impressive truth that the school is only rated "good" and that standards have seemed to have slipped as it has been a very long time now since any Ofsted Report has been "outstanding".

So, where Nigel Griffiths is correct? well as the overall rating, there are varying sub-aspects that the school is measured on, and these are the things he is reflecting with such prominence but without acknowledging that neither of the last two reports have given an overall outstanding rating at all. With regards to two of these sub-aspects he mentions which were reported as "outstanding" in the 2012 report, one is "behaviour and safety of pupils" and the other is "leadership and management". There is in fact no separate category for the Sixth Form at all, but the phrase "the sixth form is outstanding because standards are improving very rapidly" does appear. Looking deeper into the 16 pages of the report there is also the quick one off phrase "Teaching in the sixth form is outstanding because it is never less than consistently good and often better". That's it. That is the extent of the full reality of any substance behind what he is saying.

Perhaps it would be more honest of the school to declare it is rated "good" by Ofsted, and in the most recent Short Inspection, the word "outstanding" did not appear even once.

All this can be confirmed in the 16 page Full Inspection as a PDF here.

So, with the last inspection approaching a decade ago now, we can now look to see if this inspection was rated "outstanding" or not.

So, what does a typical advert by John Kyrle look like?

As illustrated below, for years now, typical adverts do not mention the rating of JKHS by Ofsted, but the truth is that the word "outstanding" did not appear one single time in the last Inspection. We have to go back to an old 2012 Full Inspection to even find mention of the word outstanding and yet that report rated the school as only "good", and in it can be read that this was a decline in rating from the previous inspection that came before it...

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