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John Kyrle created a Mental Health Charter, with the Headteacher implying their Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health Steering Group was formed to oversee.

John Kyrle formed a Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health Steering Group. It was asked to be joined, in order to represent the views and positive input of 100s of people concerned about mental health at JKHS, who want to help. With a huge amount of people to represent the views and feedback of, including teachers, ex-teachers, pupils, parents as well as mental health professionals, Nigel Griffiths refused the request.

Nigel Griffiths went on in is refusal to state about the Group that "This is a student led initiative. Prior to the meeting and during the initial scoping meeting itself, students had developed ideas and concepts. This included developing a 'charter', which was to be expressed through pictures, so it was accessible to all young people. This is something pupils wanted a steering group to consider".

So, after saying that, justified his refusal with the comment "I appreciate that the article in the paper does bot provide this level of detail, so it would be easy to misinterpret the scope and purpose of the steering group".

Parents of children who suffer with anxiety and poor mental health have commented that the priority of the Headteacher seems to be to shut people off from helping and getting involved. It has been commented on as anything from "unfortunate" to "deliberately running a closed shop".

Mental Health Issues are serious, and JKHS is choosing to stonewall those who have experience. Whilst positive work the school does is appreciated, it is chosen to be done while shutting people off from involvement who have vast experience. Parents continue to get in touch distraught with how the school has dealt with issues and yet the overwhelming theme seems to be that all people want is to help the school improve but unfortunately they are refused the opportunity.

It is the job of the Headteacher to consult parents and the community, not selectively shut them off and refuse them a voice.

So, nearly 7 months after Nigel Griffiths announced what was being overseen, here is the result of all that work. It was announced on 30th September 2019 on the school's Facebook and Twitter accounts that "With National Mental Health Week Awareness day coming up, the school council have approved the JKHS Digital Wellbeing Charter.

But wait, this very charter also appeared EXACTLY the same in the School's Magazine called Prospect back in August 2018 on Page 15!

It has been commented that this is proof that JKHS are simply trying to look like they are doing things around mental health above actually doing what needs to be done - to take the opportunity to listen to those with experience.

See below... Here is the charter on Facebook and Twitter 30th September 2019, followed by where the exact same thing was published in August 2018, which was BEFORE the Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health Steering Group ever existed!

Here is the same thing taken from back in August 2018 Prospect