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News about Nigel Griffiths, Headteacher of John Kyrle & Lead Ofsted Inspector

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2020 brought a Judge's 70-page report, finding Nigel Griffiths and his team to have unlawfully and unfairly sacked a teacher from John Kyrle High School, and has seen revelations of huge financial waste of school funds.

Readers are encouraged to read, for context, the Solicitor's Statement following the sacking, and the Judge's 70 Page statement/verdicts. These provide an illustration of what the School did, under Nigel Griffiths.

Nigel Griffiths, has been revealed to have gloatingly used the phrase "FIGJAM" (f**k I'm good, just ask me), during the process of looking into how he might get rid of a teacher from his school, out of animus towards her (intense dislike, hatred), and out of a long standing intolerance of regular union activity at his school, these things described by a Judge in depth.

In his capacity as a Lead Ofsted Inspector, Nigel Griffiths has been judging how other schools have been run, and has been involved with Ofsted as an Ofsted Ambassador. See this press release from the school which the Ross Gazette published about this in 2018.

Following the revelations of the Judge, and with deep concerns about the apparent complete lack of disciplinary procedures so far by the school for his unsavoury actions, (or the actions of any of the others involved), people have questioned whether he is suitable or fit to judge other schools.

This is in the context that the teacher's lawyers disturbingly described how the school under Nigel Griffiths devised false allegations against a teacher, and how he even undertook action designed to intimidate her. The Judge's 70-page quite damning statement about what Nigel Grffiths and his leadership did, came after looking at 3,000 pages of evidence and witness statements - it should be noted that school lost on all major counts. Shockingly in fact, the only small count not upheld, a specific one, was only because judge concluded that the school would have treated any trade union activist as badly as they treated this teacher.

Breaking news of February 2021 is that Nigel Griffiths is no longer an Ofsted Inspector, and he is no longer an Ofsted Ambassador, and as such he will no longer be judging any other schools. Not only that, he has NOT DONE ANY inspection work since July 2020, which was when the Employment Tribunal happened and his actions were brought to light and Ofsted were apparently aware of this.

It is unclear presently whether Nigel Griffiths was sacked by Ofsted, or whether he resigned, which could mean he would avoid being investigated by them, or even see Ofsted saving themselves the trouble of investigating him for his conduct. More news will follow in due course.

Nigel Griffiths said he temporarily has stopped his Ofsted work, on his request on 26th November 2020. Interestingly the 4th November 2020, just days before, was when the verdicts of the Jo Lucas Employment Tribunal came out, describing how he was driving the actions of her sham sacking, including his gloating in the process of "FIG-JAM" (F**K I'm Good, Just Ask Me) when trying to dig up information he could wrongfully use against Jo Lucas.

Nigel Griffiths said in the Ross Gazette, when asked to comment, that he stepped away temporarily from Ofsted to free him up to concentrate on the Covid challenges at JKHS, and yet Ofsted say there has been no inspection work since the pandemic started in March 2020. So, he was effectively claiming he had stood away from a Ofsted work but there was actually no Ofsted workload at all.

Ofsted have said nothing of the sort of some kind of temporary stepping away, Ofsted have said he's no longer an Ofsted Inspector.

The school has been asked before about how Nigel Griffiths was paid for his Ofsted work, whether Ofsted pay him directly, or the more usual approach that they reimburse the school for the time he is out doing inspection work for them. It is completely unclear by looking at the school's public accounts published each year (as is whether the £187,000 spent on failed legals trying to stop Dene Magna opening a 6th form is even recorded in those accounts). What is clear though, is since July 2020, there will have been no such reimbursement from Ofsted for his work and John Kyrle must have been picking up the full tab of his £145,000 wages.

With this in essence meaning it is likely that Nigel Griffiths now being even more expensive for the school (unless he has had a pay cut, and this will become apparent in future public accounts), and with all his time fully available to the school, it could raise even stronger questions than before as to why the school needs two headteachers. Nigel Griffiths is one of them on £145,000 and David Boyd is another, on £100,000 - £110,000. These figures are extremely high for a single academy, and that is before it is even noted that it seems the role is duplicated. EDIT & UPDATE: In the latest published accounts, Nigel Griffiths' wages went up to £145,000 - £150,000 band, and his pension contributions rose from £20,000 - £25,000, to £30,000 - £35,000.

Nigel Griffiths will no longer be judging other schools. This has been confirmed by Ofsted, as has that he has done no inspection work for Ofsted since July 2020.

When news of Nigel no longer working for Ofsted reached the front page of the Ross Gazette, February 3rd 2021. The school said in that article that it would be "fundamentally incorrect" to suggest Mr Griffiths had been removed from the role. The school says Mr Griffiths stood down in order to support the school with Covid issues. However, they also mentioned that his Ambassador work was concluded, and that Ofsted have not done ANY routine inspections since the start of the pandemic. So, it appears there has been no real Ofsted workload for Nigel Griffiths to step away from anyway. Mr Griffiths' logic for stepping away has many people commenting that it was very strange and incredibly suspicious.

Also, people have remarked at a seemingly incredible coincidence of the timing. The Ross Gazette reports Nigel Griffiths says he stopped his work for Ofsted himself in November 2020, and yet also in November 2020, on the 4th, is exactly when the Judge's 70-page statement revealing the disgraceful actions of Nigel Griffiths and his team! Nigel had worked for Ofsted for years, so why suddenly stop his work with Ofsted? Especially when Ofsted inspections weren't happening so he was not even conducting any.

It was laid out by the independent Judge in a Court of Law, that Nigel had been at the helm of the school, where he and his team devised false allegations about a teacher, with Nigel intimidating the teacher concerned, with an example of written threat, and ultimately undertaking unlawful actions when unfairly sacking this teacher under false pretences. The Judge also outlining a long-standing anti-union attitude. The teacher who was cruelly and unfairly sacked was indeed a Union Rep. Nigel Griffiths had previously been investigated for shouting down a previous Union Rep and was recommended he immediately improve his management style to one that displayed suitable conduct for someone in his position and role as a headteacher.

Ofsted were aware of this case in a Court of Law when it happened, and aware of the verdicts and the damning judge's statement in full, where John Kyrle lost on all major counts. Ofsted were no doubt going to have to investigate Nigel Griffiths. In November 2020 when it was clear what had happened, Nigel Griffiths stepped down from Ofsted.

However, Ofsted were made aware of the unsavoury conduct of Mr Griffiths, leading to a cruel sham sacking which was deemed unlawful in a Court of Law. His undesirable conduct was evidenced to Ofsted and they acknowledged they would be looking at it in full. It has been said that Nigel Griffiths leaving Ofsted could mean that he would avoid being investigated, and seeing as an independent Judge was so damning of him in a 70-page report and verdicts, it would be likely Ofsted would be deeply concerned, and their replies to those engaging with them about Mr Griffiths conduct included comments on the high levels of conduct expected by those who are Ofsted Inspectors.

The laywers of the teacher who was sacked unlawfully and unfairly summed up that what the school did. In the Court of Law at the Employment Tribunal a highly experienced specialist barrister stated how Nigel Griffiths was considered the prime mover of these actions, along with his 2nd in command David Boyd...

"However, instead of considering the impact of her illness on her ability to teach during the school year, the school management decided to dismiss her for gross misconduct and devised false allegations, such as her deliberately deciding to not prepare students properly for the exams, altering performance documents and misleading her colleagues as to the true progress of her students."

Note also how the the lawyer said of Nigel Griffiths:

One of Nigel Griffith's emails simply read "FIGJAM. And bring me her file." when he thought he had found grounds to sack her. It emerged that FIGJAM, means F*** I'm Good, Just Ask Me. He also sent her a letter threatening police action that the tribunal found was "designed to intimidate the claimant in the performance of her trade union activities" and which her barrister described as "ridiculous, petulant, arrogant and whining".