Trixie Clarke, John Kyrle SENCO & Mental Health Lead

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NEWSFLASH: Trixie Clarke connected to bullying of a JKHS Teacher.

Trixie Clarke, JKHS SENCO and Mental Health Lead, supplied private union correspondence to the Headteacher, the Teacher was subsequently bullied and sacked, with massive impact on her Mental Health and Wellbeing, and as such Trixie Clarke contributed to their suffering.

You can read about this case in much more detail here, and don't miss the Teacher's Solicitor's Statement (read here) - the Teacher was found to be Unfairly and Unlawfully Dismissed, suffering from Detriment and Discrimination.

John Kyrle High School was written to on 21st May 2020 to inform them the school had used a Drugs Anthem, "Drank and Drugs" as music in videos released on social media.

Trixie Clarke on behalf of the school made a phone call to say thank you, oddly informing that she'd called the Police.

She then outright refused to talk about Mental Health.

On the phone call, Trixie Clarke first thanked the sender of the letter for highlighting their potentially embarrassing mistake.

She confirmed John Kyrle had taken the content down.

Trixie then continued to say she had called the Police, saying they wanted to listen to details about drugs. However, the this was solely based on the sentence "I am sure that the teachers concerned did not do this intentionally, but it doesn't look good as there are many local people who have deep concerns over drug user and John Kyrle".

It is not clear how anyone at JKHS could have interpreted that wording as something needing to involve the Police, particularly in light of Police resources always being stretched.

The Police did indeed make contact, were helpful, friendly and engaging and discussed...

- How the letter had not illustrated any need to talk to the Police
- How the Police are aware of drugs issues that have related to JKHS
- How it is well known that the school itself has even itself called the Police over drug issues
- The Police were told it was the letter writer's opinion that Trixie Clarke herself MUST have known of drug issues, as she has worked at the school for 20 years
- The Police were told that worries about drugs and the school do indeed come up quite often Trixie's phone call, the opportunity was taken to ask her about Mental Health because she is the JKHS Mental Health Lead. She was asked why she has never made contact about Mental Health, her abrupt reply was "I am not prepared to talk about that" and she ended the conversation.

Trixie Clarke had also previously been asked to talk about Mental Health, along with Serena Croad (JKHS Pastoral Care), and both of them walked off instead of talking, showing zero willing to engage.

It is of course unclear whether Trixie Clarke is refusing to talk about Mental Health as a result of her own decision, or upon instruction from Nigel Griffiths or David Boyd.

What is clear, is no senior management at John Kyrle will simply talk about Mental Health when politely asked to.

Headteacher Nigel Griffiths refused a simple meeting about Mental Health and has not even replied to multiple letters asking to meet with him one-on-one to discuss Mental Health.

Trixie Clarke as JKHS SENCO and Mental Health Lead will be fully aware that over 300 people have requested a meeting with the school about Mental Health.